Take a pause. Nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Spread over sprawling acres of lush green cover, surrounded by 100+ species of exotic trees and birds, Orchid Tree is a haven for those who feel burdened by the chaos of city life, and long to reconnect with nature by returning to their roots. Orchid Tree is all about finding balance – within yourself, and with nature. Here, we practice blending in and becoming one with nature rather than merely standing back and admiring it.

Welcome To Orchid Tree

As you walk down the cobbled pathway the first thing you notice is the soft romance of trees gently resting on each other – a performance of nature’s balance at its finest. A little further in and your attention is drawn to a natural serape of bright yellow flowers fallen from the yellow cotton tree. You are now standing on a yellowish-green blanket of flowers spread over a bed of grass, teeming with life even in its falling. You are here and life looks lush, promising and evergreen. This is where your feet first greet blades of lush green grass, and you decide to linger a while, not knowing whether it’s the supple yellow flowers or the lawn that drew you in. At Orchid Tree, we nudge every guest to make the most of their time by participating in the sustained growth of a collective consciousness where humans and nature live symbiotically and with compassion for each other. Right from our toiletries to the overall functioning of the place, we promote sustainable living through waste and water management, reduced usage of plastic, protection and preservation of natural landscapes, energy efficiency, and initiatives like planting of trees.

The Orchid Tree Experience

At the onset, you’re greeted by a wide array of plants and trees who are the original inhabitants of the land. A little further in, and slightly away from the yellow cotton tree is our namesake – a beautiful, understated Orchid Tree that rests in power and blends seamlessly into the rest of the terrain. The Orchid Tree experience is all about making these beautiful hidden natural terrains more accessible in a sustainable manner without any one aspect screaming or vying for attention. We curate experiences that emphasize the importance of blending-in rather than standing-out – promoting a culture of symbiosis and collective self-awareness over single-mindedness.

Our Team

Pradeep Kuppaswamy and Anita Naik, the creative forces behind Orchidtree Retreat, bring their expertise to create a benchmark for urban sustainable living. Pradeep’s love for animals, motorcycles, and deep knowledge of plants and architecture, coupled with Anita’s qualifications as an architect, converge in this transformative endeavor.

As partners in Garden World and with over two decades of friendship, Pradeep and Bharat share a remarkable journey. Bharat, not just a friend but a younger brother to Pradeep, brings his passion and integrity from Uttarakhand, playing a pivotal role in overseeing the development of Orchidtree Retreat.

Inspired by family traditions, Pradeep’s mother’s aromatic masalas and Anita’s family’s heartfelt visits further deepen their connection to this cherished land. Their unwavering commitment resonates in every aspect of Orchidtree Retreat.