Terms and Conditions

Orchid Tree Wellness Retreat

General Terms and Conditions:

1. Accessibility:

Our property may not be designed for wheelchair access. Assistance may be required.

2. Occupancy Limit:

Rooms accommodate a specified number of individuals. Please adhere to occupancy limits.

3. Additional Guests:

For larger groups, pre-booking additional rooms is advised.

4. Discount Policy:

We do not negotiate prices. Orchid Tree offers premium services.

5. Security Measures:

Guests are advised not to carry valuables. 24/7 security and surveillance are in place.

6. Massage Services:

Ayurveda massage is chargeable and must be booked in advance.

7. Room Service:

There is no room service. Tea and coffee are served at specific times.

8. Alcohol Policy:

Smoking and Liquor is Strictly Prohibited

9. Kitchen Access:

Guests cannot enter the kitchen without consulting the on-site Property Manager.

10. Menu Changes:

We adhere to a fixed menu. Changes are accommodated only for specific circumstances.

11. Door Lock System:

Our rooms feature a high-quality lock system. Guests are encouraged to seek assistance for proper usage.

12. Room Allocation:

The room allocated during online booking is fixed and cannot be changed upon arrival.

13. Celebrations and Photography:

Special setups for birthdays and anniversaries are created upon pre-request without additional charges. Complimentary photography service is available.

14. Infant Parents Dining Space:

A dedicated counter is provided. Guests are responsible for self-cooking; staff assistance is not available.

15. Pet-Friendly Rooms:

An extra charge of Rs. 3000 applies for pet owners booking a non-pet-friendly room. Additional charges for deodorizing, deep cleaning, and air purification.

16. Property Damages:

A deposit is collected at check-in, refundable at check-out if no damages occur.

17. Laundry and Car Wash:

No personal laundry or car wash services provided.

18. Connectivity and Transportation:

Limited network connectivity; Wi-Fi is available in specific areas. No transportation services offered.

19. Activity Schedule:

Strict adherence to activity timelines. No special arrangements for missed activities.

20. Tea and Coffee Service:

Served only during specified hours.

21. Wellness Retreat Essence:

Orchid Tree focuses on yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healthy living.

22. Decoration Policy:

No plastic or paper props allowed. Special requests for temporary decorations will not be entertained.

23. Transportation Damage:

We are not responsible for damage to personal transport

Note: Guests are encouraged to read and accept these terms before making a reservation. Orchid Tree strives to provide a unique and mindful experience.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any unreported missing items post-checkout. Regrettably, we are unable to deliver items to home addresses due to distance constraints. Thank you for your understanding.